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      Yangzhou Jinyu Power Tools Co., Ltd. (formerly Yangzhou Jinyu Power Tools Factory) has been dedicated to the research, development and production of power tools since 1998, and has accumulated rich experiences in this field. Over the years, Jinyu, in the objective of “innovation and ever improvement”, has been maintaining close contacts with businesses world over, and has experienced quick growth and become a modern enterprise involving design, production and distribution. The magnetic base drill, clamping tools and blade tools in its brand “Steel Companion” have become good companions for people in the steel processing, providing them with convenient and efficient operation with the boring tools of high quality and high precision. These tools are novel in outlook and high in precision; and the motors are stronger than the traditional. With the reliable top quality and good services, Jinyu has found its strong foothold in the intensified market competition, and well favored by the users on wide levels. In the belief of “quality first, service above everything, sustained operation, continued innovation, pioneering and dedication in full sincerity”, Jinyu aims at a steady and healthy business development and tries to make sure that every of its move is in favor of enhancing mechanization, efficiency and progress of the human being.

    Jinyu is ready to set up and maintain a long-term cooperation with you, and warmly welcome cooperation with people from all over the world to build a more splendid future through joint efforts.

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